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Ready For Change?

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant?

Ready to be a healthier and happier version of yourself?

Wanting to take your side biz or passion project to the next level?

Ready to release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back? 

When we want to cultivate change in our life, there are two important factors to consider --> our FOCUS and our EFFORT.

We control how both of these things show up in our lives...By FOCUSING on the current results, you will only get more of the same results. The same can be said about the EFFORT we are making. Taking the same action or inaction will keep you right where you are. 

If you desire change in any aspect of your life, then its time to shake things up! Here are some ways to shift your focus and effort to create change in your life:

  1. Shift your mindset: Where focus goes, energy flows. Release the mindset of focusing on what isn't working.  Instead, cultivate a positive inner-dialogue and focus on what you want to be true. Take Be intentional with your thoughts-What goals do you have? How do you want to feel? What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go? Write these things down daily.

  2. Change habits: What habits do you have? Do they distract you from achieving what you desire? Distracting habits could be watching television, playing video games or scrolling on social media. What habits or effort are you making that would be supportive towards your goal? Supportive habits might be waking up a little earlier to meditate, moving your body everyday or writing down your intentions. Other ideas could be drinking more water everyday or listening to a inspiring podcast on your way to work each morning.  

  3. Assess your environment: Are the people and environments in your life aligned with your values and goals? Is your focus being compromised because of clutter in your home, office or sacred space? Are the foods in your pantry or fridge aligned with your wellness goals? Are the people or groups that you surround yourself with dragging you down or lifting you up? 

  4.  Get support: This is hands down the most important because lets be real...change isn't easy. Having a support system to turn to on your tough days and celebrate you on your kick-ass days, is key! Find a buddy to level-up with you, join a community of like-minded people or work with a Life Coach. These will help you stay motivated and keep you accountable! 

Remember, your focus and effort determines your reality. Get into the habit of asking yourself, does this support the life that I am trying to create? If not, then its time to pivot, refocus and shake things up. You have the power to cultivate the change you desire!

Have questions or feelings stuck? Let me know how I can support you!  


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