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Courses & Classes

A high-vibe life is within reach.


The Monthly Message

The Monthly Message Coaching Session was created to kick-start your month on a high-vibrational note. Each month we will dive into thought provoking conversations and powerful coaching processes that will leave you feeling inspired and focused on your goals for the month ahead.


What we focus on grows, and who we surround ourselves matters. Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive into unique topics each month in a safe and encouraging space. These topics will help you gain awareness, grow through blocks, and gain more clarity and focus.


Join me for The Monthly Message Virtual Coaching session each month.

This coaching session will be LIVE. An email of the replay will be sent to all registered attendees after the live event.


Please make sure you provide your email address when registering. An email will be sent to you prior to the masterclass with worksheets to print and have prepared along with a link to join the live masterclass.


Coaching Courses & Masterclasses

Raise your awareness & frequency to step into alignment with your most vibrant, best Self. When we practice and implement tools to raise our frequency, we align ourselves to experience what we desire most in life such as healthy relationships, opportunities, abundance and joy.

I created numerous course is to teach you different processes that have helped raise the energetic frequency and awareness of myself and many of the clients. These courses have been created to support you in your spiritual, healing, and evolutionary journey so that you can live a life with intention and alignment. 

These are digital online course where you will be virtually guided by Emma using her Energetic Alignment Coaching Method These courses are for anyone who wants to shift their life, own their power, make foundational changes in the health, raise their energetic frequency to feel more vibrant and happy. You will learn tangible tools to invest in your overall spiritual, emotional and energetic well being! 

✨You’re filled with potential, it’s all

Awaken from Within

Learn tangible tools and gain knowledge on the power of self-awareness, breath work, and meditation.


I am excited to share practices that have helped me on my spiritual/ healing journey and continue to support my mind.body.spirit and ability to level-up in life!

During this course you will: 

  • Learn the basics of meditation.

  • Gain clarity on WHY and HOW meditation can up-level your energy and life. 

  • Explore breath work, gentle yoga and additional tools to enhance your practice. 

  • Receive guided meditations to practice.

Modalities: Breath work. Gentle Yoga & Meditation

Releasing Soon!

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