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Red Light Therapy is something that I utilize during sessions and at home as part of my personal self-care routine. Some of the benefits of RLT are: Increased rest & relaxation, supports inflammation and stressor response, and supports the body's natural healing and recovery process.

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Air Purifier 

Using air purifiers in our home has something that we've been doing for a few years and love it! The air we breath is so important, especially in the winter time! Two of my favorite suggestions for people to support their immune system and respiratory health- use air purifiers and diffuse high quality, pure essential oils. Levoit is the Air Purifier that we use and have had a great expereince!

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Flower Remedies 

Bach Flower Therapy can be considered preventative medicine in that it aims to treat emotional imbalances before they can go deeper into the body. Once emotional balance is restored, the body’s innate, self healing ability can be restored. Bach flower remedies have been known to treat certain complaints which are believed to have an emotional component, such as migraines, back pain, allergies, fatigue and eczema.

Flower Remedies.jpg

Herbal Tinctures 

The herbal tinctures from Organic Olivia have been a favorite of mine for over 2 years. Most recently I have been implementing Glucose Bitters to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and normal insulin metabolism-especially when enjoying desserts or big meals.

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A few of my other favorites: Liver Juice, Mood Juice, Natal Nourish, and Focus Juice.


Grounding Mat

Grounding is such a powerful tool to help with our physical and emotional well-being. If you aren't able to ground your feet out in the grass- get a grounding mat! I love to use this when I am feeling anxious, or if my body is feeling sore or inflamed. 

Grounding Mat.jpg

Ningxia Red

This most amazing antioxidant drink that supports sleep, reduces stress levels, supports the immune system, and provides a natural form of energy without caffeine. Our entire family drink Ningxia Red DAILY and we are so thankful for how healthy and good we feel. 

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