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A High-Vibe Life Is Within Reach

Online Coaching & Holistic Healing with Emma Hansen 

Meet Emma

 Life & Empowerment Coach, Holistic Healer & Yoga Teacher

My mission is to help people find the light within themselves and unleash their full potential. Whether through coaching, holistic healing or wellness guidance, I am motivated to support clients to increased awareness, balance and purpose in their life. 


What I Specialize In

Guiding clients to experience fulfillment through my Energetic Alignment Coaching Method

Coaching Courses to help you unlock your potential and connect you to your God given calling.

Teaching spiritual & lifestyle practices to increase overall well-being

Empowering Women to reconnect to their body & their innate power within

Guiding clients to raise their frequency to attract more abundance & joy in their life


The Journey Towards a High-Vibrational Life Begins on the Path of Self Love and Awareness.

Begin Your Journey Today.

"Emma's work is Amazing! I came to her looking for something different, more holistic to help me breakthrough things that were holding me back in my passion and life! The energy and expertise she brings are amazing! Her coaching has helped me energetically, be more clear and confident in myself and mission. Her healing energy work has helped me recognize the triggers that have been affecting my energy and holding me back. I am excited to continue working with her to heal and grow! Thank You, Emma!!!"

- Trisha

"Emma is such a kind, bright light! In our sessions I felt like I was simply having a conversation with my best friend.  She made me feel comfortable to say whatever came to mind and she was able to help me identify things I wasn't able to admit to myself.  It's amazing the clarity she has brought to me.  She is truly gifted!"

- Rachelle

"Going into my session with Emma, I was feeling lost in who I was as well as whether I was positively impacting others. In addition to allowing me to feel safe in expressing these vulnerable feelings, Emma guided me to find my strength through committing to giving my full self what I needed before giving it to others."

- Stefanie

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