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Join Luna & Lavender

A high-vibe life is within reach.

Step by Step Instructions:

1.) Click the button below that says, " Shop My Favorites" 

2.) Pick out the oils, beauty products, kids products, supplements or emotional support products that stick out to you. Always feel free to reach out if you would like specific recommendations based off your unique goals or area of your life you are wanting to enhance.

3.) Add products to your cart. Remember: 100pv (approximately $100) will unlock wholesale pricing and free shipping! The wholesale pricing might not show up/activate until you create your customer account. 

4.) Optional: If you want to have your own referral link to share your favorite products or invite loved ones to take this journey with you then add the Business Essential kit ( $15.00 and you will also be given resources from YL AND from myself and our community) and you can earn 50% commission when your friends or family place their first order and continue to build an organic stream of income with one of the most supportive group of people and one of the best wellness businesses out there! 

4.) Click check-out and then click create your account.

Press Continue

5.) Enter in your account information:  Name, address, sign-in info. 

6.) Payment information: on the next page you will fill in your payment information and click submit. Check your email to make sure you get a confirmation email from Young Living. 

7.) Welcome email: After you have placed your order with YL and put in your order using the link or placing an order and using my referral id: 1524804, you will receive  a welcome email and access into our Luna & Lavender page within 24 hours.

If you still have any questions before shopping, send me an email via this website or click the button above that says, " Have questions? Lets chat!". I am here to help you every step of the way! 


  • There is no requirement for you to share oils or your healthy, holistic journey with others.

  • In order to keep your wholesale account active, YL requires you place 100V of products within the year. This is very easy to do. Place an order to restock on a few oils or try a few new products like the Savvy Minerals Makeup line, Cleaning products, Supplements, Protein Powder, etc!

  • This community is so much more than oils. Its about living a healthy, happy and abundant life. I am so happy that you are locking arms with us!

Welcome to the Luna & Lavender Community! 



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